Products & Services

We are ready to power your home, your city or your next innovative project.
Supplying the energy you need is just one of the services we offer. We provide the solutions to power electric vehicles and smart cities, to make IoT work, to bring you renewable energy – and to transform the way we use it.


At INTREX Energy Group, we share the decarbonization goals of our partners. Together, we push the boundaries of conventional and renewable energy systems. We combat climate change and meet the world’s demand for reliable and affordable energy.


ACE Africa Electric Vehicles is rolling out a global low cost, low pollution, mobile energy management transport solution. The early-stage development is based around a manufacturing facility in Australia and South Africa. This facility will supply smart packs to pipeline partners in emerging EV countries. The pipeline partner agreement includes training, technology share and access to the ACE developed cloud-based vehicle ecosystem, plus developing an energy mesh option where applicable. IP updates to be managed under licensing agreements.


Our innovative solar photovoltaic technologies are making solar energy viable in more and more parts of the world.


Wind Catching with a different approach
Designed to optimise energy production for a floating wind power plant Wind Catching Systems account for approximately one-quarter of our renewable capacity and continue to be one of our latest and fastest-growing renewable technologies.

Hydrogen Energy

INTREX Energy Group will develop a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges with hydrogen and develop the competence to make technical and economic comparisons between different hydrogen technologies.

New Technologies

To speed up the energy transition we are transforming plants that use traditional technologies into hybrid power plants that integrate multiple technologies, for example, renewables with hydrogen or energy storage.