Company Background

Founded in 2016 by Mr Mthokozisi Ephraim Shezi- a founder of the popular INTREX Telematics Systems AD (Pty) Ltd. Now INTREX ENERGY GROUP (PTY) LTD…a bona fide BEE registered entity in South Africa…Despite the enormous challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is well-positioned to take great steps forward in the fight against climate change.

INTREX is pushing the boundaries… We have an ambitious plan to take us to net zero emissions by 2039.

We’re transitioning to renewable energy across our operations, finding new low-carbon ingredients, expanding our plant-based product range and developing fossil-fuel-free cleaning and laundry products.

Governments are eager to respond to the fallout from the pandemic in ways that make their economies stronger, more sustainable and more resilient. Business leaders recognize the risks they face and understand that the same steps that cut carbon emissions also help to spur growth and promote stability The UNEP’s Electric Mobility Programme supports developing and transitional countries to shift from fossil fuel to electric vehicles and sees showcasing this new technology in a region where electric mobility is expected to grow significantly during the next few years as an important way to encourage the rapid adoption of sustainable choices, Our company offers ideal opportunities for the broader introduction of renewables to the Offshore Wind and E-mobility sector. As energy-consuming technologies, electric vehicles (EV) create new demand for electricity that can be supplied by renewables. In addition to the benefits of this shift, such as reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution, electric mobility also creates significant efficiency gains and could emerge as an important source of storage for variable sources of renewable electricity.

How community-based education campaigns can increase electricity connections and improve project economics.

Intrex energy group and Open Energy Labs in (Zambia) have joined forces for Community Electrification and Education programme In developing an educational app and connected hardware kit which takes a “learn by making” approach to teaching students electronics, by building a renewable electricity supply, able to provide reliable power for lighting and mobile-phone charging.

INTREX is currently identifying other opportunities within the renewable energy sector. The company is targeting renewable energy assets for the acquisition. Intrex is also utilizing new and innovative renewable technologies, such as Offshore Wind Catching Systems the floating offshore Wind Catching technology. The company is working with Aibel as the main engineering contractor and the Institute for Energy Technology on energy production.

Wind Catching Systems is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.  technology, to develop power plants. INTREX has developed a significant pipeline of project opportunities throughout the African continent. The company develops green energy projects that contribute to a carbon-free world. Intrex offers renewable energy solutions that reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and create a greener and cleaner environment and planet.

We’re harnessing our power to encourage change well beyond our business. Our brand is working to make it easier for people to make sustainable choices. And we’re calling on governments, businesses and other partners to raise their ambitions and join the race to zero emissions. we build disruptive services that help customers improve efficiency to reduce their costs and environmental impact. Our organization is passionate about excellence so we can achieve our global goal of becoming Africa’s largest renewable energy source…